Project Management Services

Project Management

Major construction projects are complex in nature, often involving multiple subcontractors, suppliers, large number of human resources, millions of dollars in material, equipment and professional services.
Managing such complex operations demands professional Project Management services with a team of highly experienced professionals with varied expertise in multiple disciplines to minimize the risks to the Client.
Our key strength is our professionals’ experience in international projects, dedication and expertise to help our clients deliver their projects on time, within budget and with highest quality to achieve customer satisfaction through professional project management practices

As a Project Management company, Horizons international will manage the projects with the in-depth knowledge of the construction processes necessary for good management at all stages of a project from pre-design stages through engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, start-up and handing over.


Project Management Services

  • Management of Project activities during the Pre-tendering stage.
  • Management for Project activities during the Execution stage.
  • Integration and implementation of the Construction Management Processes from initiation to closing
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
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Horizons international Project Management. Ltd. has expertise in handling LEED projects related to design, Project Management & Supervision, consultancy and commissioning services. The core team of the company consists of highly experienced and qualified professionals who have faced the challenges in the industry and with proven track record in international Projects. Horizons international fully equipped to meet the sophisticated requirements of the present conditions where Economy / Quality and Environmental Compliances are the key factors which cannot be compromised.

LEED Consulting and Facilitation services has the following phases and submittals

  • Design Submission Phase
  • Construction Submission Phase
  • Energy Modeling and Simulation
  • Lighting Simulation
  • Day Lighting- Indoor Environmental Quality
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The project management team will play an unbiased role on behalf of the owner to maintain the high quality standards within the allocated budget, minimizing defects and re-work thereby enhancing the profit, reputation and saving time.
On large complex projects, all aspects should be managed through implementation of quality management systems and procedures which involves planning, selection of standards, procedures, processes and their control systems.

This ensures that the objectives of the Contractor and Client are maintained throughout the project.

Quality control procedures involve several activities in all areas of the project:

  • Quality Control of construction activities
  • In-situ QA/QC
  • Specification review
  • Deliverables Review/Preparation
  • Quality Assurance on design drawings and technical details
  • Document Control and Documentation procedures
  • Technical Support for Procurement
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  • Development of Master Programs
  • Budget Planning
  • Resources Planning and Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Performance Measurement, updating and revision of Project Plans
  • Extension of Time (EOT) Claims and delay analysis
  • Project Integration Management

Horizons International has Highly accomplishment professional with extensive more than 15 years of experience in comprehensive large-scale project management, planning and engineering. Strong background in planning/coordinating project activities from initial inception through execution. Skills in project scope development, project scheduling, manpower planning/forecasting, client interactions and progress updates. Unparalleled records of bringing complex projects in on schedule and within budget. Exceptionally skills in strategic planning, outstanding communication skills with proven ability to build and lead highly efficient teams toward successful completion of all tasks. Skills in the different types of delay analysis techniques, preparing and reviewing EOTs with the suitable methodology.

Competencies of Horizons International’s professionals

Review subcontractors baseline, revised and updated schedules, Identify the internal and external relationships between the various parties.

  • Aware of and dealt with international project management consultants.
  • Thorough in creating, managing and maintaining budgets plans, cash flow and cost control.
  • Have a combination of skills including an ability to ask penetrating questions, detect unstated assumptions and resolve conflicts, as well as more general management skills, training many courses in project management.
  • Preparing time claim with suitable method of (EOT) using all techniques and giving too much courses to my companies in the project management, planning and controlling, creating the dashboard, delay analysis, and work in developing polices and methodologies in( reports, claim and planning).
  • Awarded many letter of recognitions and certifications in teaching the project management.


Deliverables of Horizons International’s professionals


  • Follow up with the project team ensuring that they complete the project work.
  •  Manages the team’s performance of project tasks, track the progress with the sub-contractor.
  • Full responsibilities for communication, including status reporting, risk management, escalation of issues that cannot be resolved in the team.
  • Highlight any potential or existing risks / issues and escalate them to Top Management.
  • Update and monitor the manpower histogram planned vs. actual.
  • Prepare and review time claim(EOT)by using (Time Impact Analysis, Impacted as built schedule, and Impacted as planned schedule with all the justification, supporting documentation and review the prolongation cost, clarify all the concurrent delay, in-compensated and compensated delay, excusable and non- excusable delay and already approved from PWA( Ashgal)


Contributions of Horizons International’s professionals


  • Managing and leading the project planning team.
  • Managing co-ordination of the partners and working groups engaged in project work.
  • Managing project deliverables in line with the project plan.
  • Recording and managing project issues and escalating where necessary.
  • Monitoring project progress and performance.
  • Providing status reports to the project sponsor.
  • Working closely with users to ensure the project meets business needs.
  • Providing regular status reports to the Top Management.
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  • Developing Tender Conditions
  • Preparing Tender Documents
  • Administration of Contract Awards
  • Contract Administration during work execution
  • Implementation of Change Management Systems
  • Claims Management
  • Facilitation of Disputes Resolution
  • Contract Closeout
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Quantity surveying is a crucial for successful projects. It starts with the review of the approved design and establishing a bill of quantities. This is followed with the checking and monitoring of the actual quantities on site, providing progress and remaining quantities reports. The overall process involves:
Specification of Items

  • BOQ (Bills of Quantity)
  • Change Management Tracking and Certification
  • Implementation of Quantity surveying procedures
  • Development of Cost Estimates and Budget preparation
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Implementation of Estimation and Cost Control Procedures and Systems
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Design development management is one of the key services required to achieve the intended final product or service with consideration of principle of life cycle costing. Integrative approach is required during the design development stage to meet all the stakeholders, client, end user and operator requirements. The systematic professional approach of performing this service, are listed below in steps.

  • Establish design team communication and information structure
  • Establish design program, deliverables and agree with consultants
  • Management of Design Development
  • Review of Concept Drawings
  • Review and integration of building codes, regulations and local planning requirements.
  • Review the integration of Operator design requirements
  • Review and monitor the design program
  • Agree and authorize design consultants fee payments
  • Monthly report of design status and review with client
  • Present scheme design and cost plan for client
  • Refine Master plan
  • Review and management the detailed design development
  • Manage the operator/client approval of final design and technical requirements
  • Review and advise on Construction Value Engineering
  • Arrange design and material presentation to client/operator for approval
  • Develop construction procurement strategy and procedures
  • Monthly report on detailed design development and review to client
  • Present detail design and cost plan to client
  • Monitor and update the expenditure forecast.
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