BIM Modelling

BIM Modelling

Professional, experienced and cost effective BIM modelling, 3d Revit and MEP coordination experts.

Level 2 Compliant Model

BIM Level 2 Compliant Models
MEP Model of URS Cambridge

MEP Modelling
Textured Revit Model of a Higher Education building

3D Revit Modelling
Original 2D CAD Plans translated into a 3D BIM model

2D CAD to 3D Model Translation
CIC Data Example

COBie Compliant Data Drops
MEP Co-ordination for the Mary Rose Museum

MEP Design Co-ordination

We provide a wide range of 3D Building Information Modelling services for clients, designers, contractors, sub-contractors and manufacturers. BIM models are built to industry standards and can incorporate metadata to support COBie or customer specific data exchange standards.

The 3D model is used to support construction, delivery and the operation of the building throughout its lifecycle.

Project and asset information models

While a building is being designed and built the corresponding model is referred to as a PIM, a Project Information Model. When the building is handed over to the owner/occupier for operational use the PIM is migrated to an AIM, Asset Information Model.

Volume models for works packages

For practical development the models are divided into manageable ‘volume models’ that correspond to predefined areas or ‘works packages’. Cadnet is regularly commissioned to create these ‘works package’ volume models for sub-contractors.

These volume models enable more more than one person to work on the project model simultaneously. Each volume model is represented by a separate file but can be viewed together to give a fuller picture of the project.

Achieving BIM level 2 compliance

For this collaborative design coordination to succeed all data, from whatever source, must be produced in a standardised format.  This is why we create BIM Level 2 Compliant Models in line with the Industry Standards(PAS 1192) and the CIC BIM Protocol, and agree COBie data drop requirements at the outset of a project.

MEP modelling expertise

We also have considerable technical experience in delivering MEP models and other supporting services for sub-contractors using Revit® or MicroStation®.

Data capture for 3D BIM

We offer a range of services to support the 3D BIM modelling process from the creation of new data in the form of a point clouds collected from a laser scan survey to the translation of your 2D CAD plans into the 3D model.

If you would like to discuss your 3D Building Information Modelling requirements in more detail, please get in touch with Colin Williams, his contact details are at the top of the page.