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BIM Consultancy

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BIM Adoption Strategy
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How can we help you?

Whilst the UK is now recognised as “one of the leading nations in the exploitation of BIM technology*” It is has been widely recognised that there are two speeds of BIM adoption across the UK. Companies with dedicated teams and budgets can embrace the advantages of BIM almost immediately. By contrast, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are slower to adopt BIM due to budget and resource issues. Our BIM Consultancy Services are tailored to where you are in the BIM adoption process.

Working in conjunction with your BIM Manager

By combining strategic thinking with the latest developments in the BIM sector, we can guide your business. We can provide remote or on-site BIM Consultancy services to your existing BIM Manager or BIM co-ordinator to increase knowledge, conduct a review and recommend process improvements to ensure your company starts to see the benefits of BIM.

No dedicated BIM resource? Get in touch

If your company has limited resources and does not currently have a dedicated BIM Manager or Co-ordinator, then we can bridge your resource gap. We can provide a wide range of support from our offices or alternatively onsite. This additional resource can help your company work and communicate effectively together to maximise the benefits that can be achieved via an earlier adoption of BIM.